Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daytime Curfew

This is comming to the Safety Committee Feb 13th:

From Jerry Klein:
Please be advised that there will be a Public Utilities, Safety, & Environment meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesday evening, February 13, 2008 to discuss the matter of a daytime curfew for 17 and under. This was brought up at a few of the neighborhood watch meetings during the past several months.

Please be present and prepared to talk if you feel strongly one way or the other. If you know of others who feel strongly about the issue, please let them know of the meeting as well. If only a few people show up and voice their opinions, it would send a message that there isn't that much concern. I know some of you have voiced your complaints at the neighborhood meetings, so this is your opportunity to let council know how you feel.

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